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Saint John of the Cross, in the darkness of your worst moments, when you were alone and persecuted, you found God. Help me to have faith that God is there especially in the times when God seems absent and far away. –Amen

So much for blogging

Same Ol

Well I tried to do the conventional thing - still doesn't work. I am using a different programme for everything but this site. I am going to move this one over to the other programme soon. Unfortunately the other programme doesn't do blogs either - but at least I will have WYSIWYG.

On another note I think that some have difficulty if I say that I am an 'Apple Developer' - this doesn't mean I work for Apple, it means that I write programmes using the Apple API and GUI. I don't sell any of the software that I write, in fact I don't even have an Apple App store account (well it comes with the package, I haven't used it). With the new updates coming out this fall however that may change.

I have been logging onto Echolink nets pretty regularly. I mainly stick to the Handiham nets but I have wandered out to a few others. The folks on Handiham are a great bunch. If you are around at net times then do check in. There is also a Coffee Shop (not a network) that I participate in if anybody is on the link. I really like the internet linking protocols, I think I will write something that uses it.

And it may seem a long time between dates. Well, yes - I normally go a long time between logging but I have been working at trying to keep current on other sites. I have since given up - and will take them down.

Handiham Nets

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2014-06-20

About Me'n Blogs

On The Move!

Obviously I am not good at blogging, I don't want to post a lot of information that nobody is reading. Of course nobody will read if I don't post. I have been editing the hypertext document directly, which is not the best way to keep any kind of diary.

So on that note, I am on the move. Today I am going to try Google's blogging system. The link is below. Maybe I'll see you there.

Blogging Google's Way
My New Blog

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2013-04-29

The Beagle Has Landed!

They has arrived!

My BeagleBoard xM, and BeagleBone have arrived, and I am excited to have them to play with. I have created the group beagle-board @ if any are interested in these single board ARM computers from Texas Instruments. Come, explore with me.

The $89 BeagleBone! announces the next member of the pack, the BeagleBone. The BeagleBone is a Credit-card-sized development board that enables easy hardware expansion and provides fast development with single cable and 10-second Linux boot. (Home)

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2012-02-12

Okay, I've been busy.

(So sue me . . .)

Well, some time back I locked up part of my Mac with an incomplete update - and rather than take a chance the (x)windows user in me decided on a 'clean' install. Unfortunately I immediately blew that, and I will have to re-install my OS again (sooner than later). I wonder how come this stuff only happens when you are busy.

I've also put together a few Arduino boards to play with, and have a couple SDR Receiver kits that I need to assemble. This should keep me out of trouble for a wee while. I have oped a couple of IRC channels on iPocalypse Net (#HamRadio and #Arduino) - no bots, join me if you have time :)

IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
An international computer network of Internet servers, using its own protocol through which individual users can hold real-time online conversations.

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2012-01-15

Never send a 'bot' to do a persons work.

IRC Metrics

eMail: If the person you want to communicate with is not online, send them eMail. That is what it was created for.

jabber: If the person that you want to communicate privately with is online, and has a jabber account you will see them, and you will be able to communicate with them.

social networks: If you just want to post something, without regards to who or where it is going and the only answer you need is the odd affirmation, use one of the social networking system, i.e. facebook or twitter.

IRC: If you are open and willing to communicate with just about anyone with similar interests as you, go to IRC. If you are waiting for your friend to come online to have a private chat, see jabber. If you want to leave a message for your friend, see eMail.

Channel Operators (Hosts)

Bots were originally placed on IRC channels to HELP a Host (or Operator as they are improperly called) do their job, not to replace them. Many of the channels on IRC are ignorant of this, and are just opening channels and placing bots on them to keep them open.

One of the features that bots have built into them is to kick out people who are not actively participating in channel conversations - and that seems to be the only part of the bots that are not active. Instead hosts are using bots to do things that people should be doing - like expelling the profane or the ignorant. I was booted and banned from a channel for using the archaic term 'bbs' the other day. Much like being booted and banned for using another innocuous word 'saltwater'.

I am going to try and avoid my normal Christian IRC haunts. I have opened #ChristianFaith on Undernet, DalNet and Ipocalypse, if anyone is interested. If you want to help HOST the channel with me, let me know.

host 1 |hōst|
a person who receives or entertains other people as guests: a dinner-party host.

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2011-10-26

Welcome to the World!

Katherine (Katie) Sophia Marie Carrao

Our sixth grandchild, third granddaughter and third child for my daughter Stephanie and her Husband Steven. I am told that mom is doing great.

Born 4:29 pm, 25 October 2011 (Abbotsford BC). 8 lb 1 oz

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2011-10-25

I Love Google+

Circle Me Please!

Google+ is what facebook would be if emzee wasn't so greedy. As with all 'free' services, Google+ isn't really free, however they don't use 'personal' data the way that facebook does. It is extremely easy to target specific people, and you don't have to wade through a bunch of 'Like' or Farmville messages. To get there, just open your google home page and select the first menu item on the bar (+You). After creating your account (if you already use Google services, you already have an account) search for my alias (tabaliah) my amateur radio call signs (ve6ue or ve6aqs) or my full name. After searching select 'people' - then add me to your circles.

Marshall Kirkpatrick (ReadWrite Web)
Whether less privacy is good or bad is another matter, the change of the contract with users based on feigned concern for users' desires is offensive and makes any further moves by Facebook suspect.

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2011-09-24

Summer Is Over

Everybody get back to work!

Summer is over (sort of) - it is time for everyone to get back to work. I have had seen all of my grandchildren this year, and have been out and about a few times with some of them. Now it is time to get back to the jobs put on the back burner. This site, Snap Shotz (site), Climb On (site), all of my chat channel sites and Daisi. It's gonna be a long winter :)

They say that money talks. I have been listening to mine lately and all I have ever heard it say was 'goodbye'.

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2011-09-12

We're Baaaakkkk

We can rebuild it ... we have the technology

Well, loading Lion on my server proved to be futile. It is not ready for the 'real' world - it doesn't run like a server should, and there are not enough instructions around to figure things out. I am going to wait a month or two before I make another attempt at it.

I will be tweaking this site a bit over the next wee while. I don't like having the menu on the right on every page. I am going to look over a few other sites that I like and see what I can pick from for this one.

Oscar Goldman
Steve Austin, astronaut: a man barely alive
Gentlemen we can rebuild him 
We have the technology 
We have the capability to make the worlds first bionic man
Steve Austin will be that man 
Better than he was before 
Better, Stronger, Faster

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2011-08-07


It has been awhile . . .

It has been awhile since I last posted. I upgraded my main computer to the pre-release version of OS X (Lion) and it broke the editors that I use for posting to my website. One of those editors (Coda) just released the fixed update a couple of days ago. However, I have one of my grandchildren (Anthony) visiting from Abbotsford BC - So I need to keep him busy as well. On the right is a new chess puzzle from Shredder (there is a link to the home site). Give it a shot, there are three levels (from easy to hard) and the ? will give you a hint, and if you are really stuck if you hit the ? several times in a row it will show you the answer :)

Feed Your Head!
Calgary Chess Club - (403) 264-9498
Parma Tech Centre
274 3359 27 St NE
Calgary, AB

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2011-07-18

Ruby, Day Two

Ruby Anne Bridget Beaveridge

Ruby Anne Bridget Beaveridge

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2011-06-18

Welcome to the world!

Ruby Anne Bridget Beaveridge

Our fifth grandchild, our second granddaughter and the third child for Melissa. Mom is doing fine.

Born: July 17, 2911. 7 lb 10 oz

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2011-06-17


You probably can't see this.

Well now, I have had my eyes opened really wide today. I have on my computer four different web browsers, Safari (my main browser), Firefox, Opera and Chrome. I look at my website with each of these as I work on it, making certain that the code that I am creating can be seen by all web browsers. Of course y'all will notice that I don't have Windows Explorer. Well in their wisdom Microsoft decided that they were not going to produce explorer any longer for the Mac operating system. I didn't think a lot of it, I figured they pretty much keep pace with the other guys . . . (Don't they?)

I got this great new book on HTML5 - was reading through it and they were commenting on the problems of designing websites for Microsoft products that still used Windows Explorer. So I thought, I don't have those problems, I am creating code that doesn't error in the checkers. However just to be certain I opened my website on a Windows Vista machine using Internet Explorer version 8. I could not believe how mangled it was. In every modern browser, including smart phone browsers this site looks great. In Explorer it's indescribable in thoughtful language.

My advice to Microsoft Windows users, if you can do so and can stand it, upgrade to version 9. If you can't, get another browser. Explorer is BROKEN!

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate~!

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2011-05-25

Live and learn

the M$ way

For years I used Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and people kept telling me that M$ don't do things quite right, and that my site was broken. For other reasons I eventually shunned Microsoft products for something I like better. I recently resurrected that site to fill a void. When I created the site I made hover over image tags that informed users of the images copyright information. A user asked me for artist information about the art image on the main page. I hovered over the image and the tag was gone. Thinking I misplaced something in copying the page I went digging for it - couldn't find it. It took some time but I guessed the artist, found the image and forwarded the information to the person who asked. I went back to the page and found yes, under the 'alt' tag there was the artist's information. Guess what - this is one of the things that Explore does wrong. Live an learn.

Michael Beaveridge
If I need to stand on the shoulders of someone else's success to reach my own, then I have not succeeded at all.

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2011-05-23

It's the End Of The World

as we know it –REM

Figure I better post this before tomorrow. It's only a couple of more hours before it is six PM in Rawaki, Phoenix Islands, Kiribati. Camping say's it will start at Christmas Island, but his geography is a bit fuzzy. Just in case I'll wait the extra half hour to make sure that I don't have to lock up my wife and kids.

Now of course we Christians have to be kind to our neighbours, because after all they are going to be left to fend for themselves for the next five months. Turn off all pilot lights, extinguish all flames. Fill up any containers you might have with potable water, and fill up your sinks and your bathtub as well. Leave your ammo with your firearms (so that they can be found easily) and don't lock your doors.

Matthew 24,36
"But of that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone."

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2011-05-20

Cows are haytheists

T'is no bull

If you put a cow in a pen, it is happy to wander around looking for food. As long as it is secure, the cow will stay in the pen. Now if you make two signs, one for heaven, and one for hell and post them at opposite ends of the pen it may appear at some time that the cow has made a choice, but it still is only looking for food. If you get in the pen with a cattle prod you will be able to drive the cow to the side you think is best for it - but really it is just trying to escape the prod. You can cowboy up with a horse and a rope and drag that cow, but that is only brute force. If you want the cow to choose one side or the other you are going to have to put what the cow is comfortable with on the side you want it to choose. Put up some water, and some hay and the cow will be happy to be in heaven :) However, they are still haytheists.

About that bull? You won't see me hopping into that pen with a bull while armed only with a cattle prod.

'Modern Catholic Dictionary' by Fr John A Hardon, SJ
Choice: Free judgment arising from reason; a decision to select one out of a number of available courses of action; an act of the free will choosing a particular means to some preconceived purpose or end.

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2011-05-18

Welcome Back My Friends

To the show that never ends

This is my personal webpage. I do not require you to register yourself at the door. The only cookie I offer lets you calculate the offset from UTC that my servers store, so that date and time tags will appear in local time. If you refuse it, nothing untoward will happen. I will never ask you for donations, nor will you be subjected to advertising, because when I cannot afford to pay the freight on this site I will simply remove it. The links on this site are links that I use regularly, many of them go to sites of my own creation. You will never need a password here, so I will not be mailing you asking you to change it.

I chose the nickname Tabaliah because it is rare, I don't have to fight to keep it on various websites, IRC servers or mailing lists. It means 'gatekeeper' in the old Hebrew language, and became the name of the person who kept care of the inner sanctuary in the Jewish Temples (sanctuary servant). It has nothing to do with 'Taliban' - unfortunately they are from the same root.

I don't expect anyone to actually read this site - it is the one that I post when I leave a channel, it is the site I send with my email address to my friends and family, it is the site that I register as my 'home page' when I join a forum. You are all welcome to visit here as often as you wish - and God bless you all.

Fulton J Sheen
There are not one hundred people in the United States who hate The Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be.

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2011-05-17

Ain't Chat Wonderful

Banned yet again.

Luke 21,17-19
You will be hated by all because of my name, but not a hair on your head will be destroyed. By your perseverance you will secure your lives.

Sometimes you just have to scratch your head and wonder. There is this very nice Christian chat channel on iPocalypse (IRC network) that I was participating in regularly that constantly bans me. Being Christian, personable, and having dealt with young Christians of many differing walks of life this puzzles me.

The first time was because my nickname (alias) looked sort of like 'Taliban' and I was accused of being a muslim troll. Then it was because my part message went to a Catholic site (however not on purpose, I put the site in there when I installed my chat programme). I replaced the perceived as offensive site with my personal site (this one) and was re-instated. I was accused of profanity and auto-kicked for saying 'saltwater' (took me forever to figure out what was wrong with that). At another time one of the hosts was exhorting the virtues of a television programme called 'Hardcore Pawn' and I made a comment wondering if the next reality programme would be about hookers and drug dealers and *poof*. Apparently hardcore pawn (a play on the phrase hardcore porn) is fine, but hookers and drug dealers were not fodder for a Christian channel.

There was some more play on my part message, so I talked to one of the channel operators and it was, for awhile okay. I participate on about twenty channels on six or seven services - I have never had a problem with a quit or part message before, but apparently this particular channel has a real problem with it. The last thing I recall mentioning was dogma on Matthew 12,31-32 and Luke 12,10 before bidding the channel a fair goodnight. The next morning I was banned - no explanation, not even a message (they know where I live :).

I will give that every chat channel is public only in so much that there is an open invitation to participate, and that invitation can be revoked at any time. Usually channels will post rules, and the only *rule* that I can see that I broke was that by being Catholic I must also be proselytizing the faith. I don't recall having done so, a warning would have been nice. A ban wasn't necessary because I would have just left if I was asked to. Mighty neighbourly.

St Ignatius of Loyola
Every good Christian ought to be more ready to give a favourable interpretation to another's statement than to condemn it. But if he cannot do so, let him ask how the other understands it. And if the latter understands it badly, let the former correct him with love. If that does not suffice, let the Christian try all suitable ways to bring the other to a correct interpretation so that he may be saved.

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2011-05-16

Facebook Et El

Gone and hope to be forgotten.

I used to be on Facebook. I used it to keep in touch with a network of climbers mainly, and of course for family. One day I was reading an online newspaper (Calgary Sun) and an advertisement popped up based on information that I had only ever posted on Facebook. NOT COOL! People tell me 'well, this is how Facebook pays for itself - you should never post anything on Facebook that you don't want shared' - well, believe me - I *didn't* want this information shared, I carefully blocked this information over, and over and (as many times as Facebook changed their policy) over again. I have never selected 'like' for something even remotely commercial, and all my 'friends' were people, not places or businesses.

Now one might suppose that since Facebook is a 'free' service they need to have some ability to access you so that they can sell you advertising. Fine, when I am on Facebook, sell away. However, when I am NOT on Facebook, don't sell my information to the highest bidder. If you don't think that information is valuable, then how does a 26 year old college drop-out become worth 13.5 billion US of A dollars? If he is going to sell MY personal information I want MY share!

There are enough free services online that I don't need this kind of headache. I won't be back to Facebook, or the Calgary Sun anytime soon.

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2011-05-15

Opening Remarks

Yes, this is utter destruction.

I am currently working on several websites at the same time, and I am not great at multi-tasking. Please understand that this site is under construction and likely will always be used to test css for other sites. Thanks.

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2011-05-14