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Saint John of the Cross, in the darkness of your worst moments, when you were alone and persecuted, you found God. Help me to have faith that God is there especially in the times when God seems absent and far away. –Amen

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I don't post a lot to this site. It is pretty much static, it has information about me and my family. If something exciting happens I may post the images here, but usually there is at least nine months or so between postings (at least over the past few years). I visit here often just to do the chess puzzles - I know that I can get access to them directly at Shredder Chess but I don't have to go through any advertising. The 'pages' of this page are updated as changes in life are inevitable. Often there are pointers to other sites that I manage here as well.

My alias Tabaliah (rhymes with Jeremiah) is just that, an alias. I borrowed it from a hebrew name of the old testament of the bible. It is fairly unique, so makes a good alias for message and conversation sites - as well as email addresses.

Author: Michael Beaveridge (Tabaliah) | Date: 2014-11-18